Sponsoring a slab.....

You can be part of this new initiative by sponsoring a paving slab for just €20 each. All sponsors will have their names listed on a special plaque which will be erected at the end of the project in the church yard. Alternatively, you can sponsor a slab in memory of a deceased loved one whose name will appear on a special memorial plaque.


You can sponsor a slab online by clicking on the "Pay Now" Button which will bring you through our online payment system with myeasypay.com.

Please remember to fill out all sections on the online payment form, especially the question which asks what name you would like to appear on our special plaques at the end of the project.


You must hit the "Add Item" button each time you wish to sponsor a slab and then hit the "Pay Bill" button at the top to complete the payment.


Finally, please write "In Memory Of" in front of the name if you would like it to appear on the special memorial plaque.


Once again, thank you for your support.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the online payment system on the contact numbers in the bottom right hand corner.